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Many experienced and trained staffs are working at KANAGATA.We can provide many way of solutions for mold, plastic product, R&D, Injection molding test, for customers of plastic industry.

Who we are

Founded as
a mold manufacturer
in 1989

In 1989, KANAGATA(THAILAND)CO.,LTD. was founded as a mold manufacturer with technical support from Japanese mold maker.  We expanded business for special KH cylinder of injection molding machine from 2012. 

What we do

High-quality and durable molds and cylinders

“KANAGATA” provides well-considered designs for both products
and molds, and lots of technical skills are accumulated in every
aspect of production processes. We also support all customers
with our maintenance services to keep high productivity.

Meaning of


“KANAGATA” means mold or die in English.   We believe the word  “KANAGATA”  does not only mean the tools for production,  it also contains a wish for hospitality
and good relationship with all customers and community.


80,89 Moo1 Bangna-Trad Km.36 Homseal Bangpakong Chachoengsao 24180,Thailand

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